Need Google Help? Tweet #gHelp

Tweet #gHelp?

Google has established a social help system on Twitter that utilizes the #gHelp hashtag.  It is monitored by Google as well as Top Contributors & Rising Stars in Google’s Top Contributor Program.  It’s as simple as posting a tweet with your question, product/service name and the hashtag #gHelp.

So if you need help with a Google product, tweet #gHelp.

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Can’t I Just Call Google?

As Top Contributors, we often hear “Why can’t I contact Google directly about….” or “Isn’t there a phone number or email address for direct support for…”

The truth is that there are products that have direct support form Google. Among them are the Google Play Store, Project Fi , PAID Google Apps for Work and several others. The key here is that many of the directly support products involve money being exchanged between the user and Google in some way. It doesn’t mean money HAS exchanged hands, but that it is a product where things can be purchased or subscriptions are involved.

For many, many other products that are free, your support options usually do not involve Google – directly. This is because Google has billions of users using free products and services and paying customers are going to be the ones to get that direct support. The support channels usually involve the Help Center, Google Product Forums and Social Media forums like Twitter & Google+.

Bottom line, if you want to be able to call Google directly for support, consider using one of the paid versions of a product you rely on – especially for business use.

What Other Options Are There?

Besides tweeting #gHelp, I suggest you check out two of my earlier posts:

Unless you use a Google services that offer direct Google support, the Help Center, Google Product Forums and #gHelp are you best options. There are very knowledgeable Top Contributors, Rising Stars, Googlers and other users like yourself around to help.

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