Allo’s Privacy Issues: Embrace Them

A Reply to “Don’t Use Allo” Article

Scott Greestone shared a link with me from Motherboard titled “Don’t Use Allo“. The author, Jason Koebler, makes several good points in regards to the Google Allo’s privacy issues that Google Allo presents. However, I’m not sure I think they are reasons NOT to use Allo. I might have suggested the article be titled “Things you should know before using Allo” – not as catchy though.

Many of us have already “opted in” to the “Googleverse” and share a LOT of data with Google. The main difference here is that the source of data is a little more personal, intimate and on-the-fly. It’s also the first time Google Assistant (Google Now evolved) directly (and visibly) integrates into our communication with others in real-time. So I get it….there are privacy issues people should be aware of.

The Flip Side of Allo’s Privacy Issues

I should start by saying that I do value privacy and security. However, I also believe we live in a world where services are interconnected and many of us share our lives online. There is a reason we do that – because it’s useful and more productive. I don’t do (or plan to do) anything so secretive that I worry about Google or the NSA “listening in” on my emails and chats. I am not naive though and I realize we should be aware and mindful of our privacy and how has access to out private details.

Even before Google Now, Siri and other current-gen AI assistants, we still used tools and services that had similar caveats to Allo’s privacy issues. Services like IFTT and Zapier are amazing tools that let is connect multiple (often personal) accounts and automate tasks to allow us to be more productive. Those are just two that come to mind.

This is nothing new. It’s just the newest form of accessing our data (with permission) and assisting us through automation.

Well, I am aware and mindful. Now let’s see Google Allo and Google Assistant used to their full potential.

Embrace The AI Assistant Revolution

I have written before about the potential benefits of something like Google Assistant or any next generation AI assistant. I genuinely feel that if Google Assistant evolves the right way and it is integrated into other services, it could revolutionize they way information from different sources is analyzed used to help us be more productive. AI could make connections between people and things we are not even aware of. I can’t iterate enough how important the notion of “we are not aware of: is. As humans, we are inefficient and horrible at handling too much input – or multitasking in general. An AI assistant could help us in ways we don’t even realize.

Imagine if you could worry less about what to do and focus on doing it.

Google Assistant could revolutionize productivity and the way we communicate – if Google doesn’t drop the ball.



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