This is a list of sites I have found informative, helpful or personally interesting. If you ever have some free time and want to explore some other sites, please feel free. I plan to update this regularly, so please check back!

If you like all things related to Android, Tech, Google and more and  haven’t heard of Android Police, this will be a special day for you. They feature great articles, reviews, and have a sister site, when users can find the latest app updates and APK files so they don’t need to wait for slow roll-outs of apps.

Clinton Fitch is a Google Top Contributor in the Google Photos forums as well as a newly found friend. He has this blog which I have always found to have well written, timely articles about many Android and Google related.

Gmail Account Recovery

This site is an excellent resource for those of you looking to either secure, reclaim or backup your Google accounts. The author is one of our elite, veteran Top Contributors on the Gmail Forums,  (bkc56). He has been involved in the Product Forums for a long while now and is one of our most experienced Top Contributors.

A Gmail Miscellany

Another blog written by one of our most experienced Gmail Top Contributors who recently passed. This site goes into many of the common and not-so-common “How Tos” of Gmail. Her knowledge was unprecedented and she was always willing to tech new users and Top Contributors. She was an amazing resource of information and was an wonderful person to have known.

Scott Greenstone is also a Top Contributor in many, many Google Products and has become a good friend of mine personally. His writes about a large variety of Google and Tech topics that he has significant experience in. Scott is one of our most active Top Contributors in the forums and also on Twitter via #gHelp.